Ethereum course shoots above $ 700: what does ETH expect next?

The Ethereum price rose above $ 730 for the first time since May 2018. After the price of ETH breaks out, traders are becoming more optimistic about the near-term development. The Ethereum course is currently out of control. It almost seems as if a slumbering giant has finally woken up, but what exactly is behind […]

Le jeu bancaire de Paxos, le KYC Terreur de France

Blockchain Bites : Le jeu bancaire de Paxos, le KYC Terreur de France, le pot de données personnelles de FinCEN Les législateurs américains demandent aux tuteurs financiers du pays de clarifier les questions de garde. La France cherche à éliminer l’anonymat dans le secteur de la cryptographie. Et un exposé sur la façon dont FinCEN […]


Today bitcoin, for the fifth time in its entire history, has exceeded $19,000. It is approaching the highest price ever, over $20,000, recorded on December 17, 2017, in the middle of a speculative bubble. However Bitcoin Cycle, the enthusiasm in the crypto markets currently seems very high, so much so that a correction could come […]